Mission, Vision and Institutional Values


Be the leading company in the technology market, delivering to its customers, products that meet their needs and expectations. Based on solid principles, maintain high standards of quality and efficiency, through the continuous improvement of all processes of our organization, directed to our development markets to be competitive and generate added value to all our products and services.


Tecnologia DistroJyL is projected as a leading and innovative company nationally and internationally in the production and marketing of different digital technologies. Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of all our customers, with the commitment to continuously improve our digital services. To assure the confidence and the quality of the product, the opportune return of the profitability for our Clients, in addition to maintaining the indexes of growth of the organization, will be the best support to reach our objectives.

Institutional values

* Sense of belonging
* Honor
* Dialogue attitude
* Sense of service
* Responsibility
* Academic and administrative rigor